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Connecting SQL Operations Studio to SQL Express server in Parallels VM

on 2018-01-12

In this post, I’m going to show how to marry SQL Operations Studio running on macOS with MS SQL Express running on Windows VM in Parallels. Even though SQL Ops Studio is not a fully mature project it’s already sufficient enough to perform simple and quick actions. Motivation Since I’m running most of the apps on a host macOS and I’m trying to keep my windows VM as lean and possible, I think SQL Ops Studio is a good choice for most of my SQL related tasks.


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Investigating unexpected MSBuild behavior

on 2016-12-24

Recently I took latest changes from git, merged dev to my current branch and decided to run few integration tests. You know, just to be sure. What do I see? well… this. Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Data.Edm, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=... or one of its dependencies. That doesn’t sound right, though it’s typically easy to fix. The first reaction is to consolidate NuGet packages in my Solution. All the installed packages have same version 5.


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Dev environment 2016. Windows.

on 2016-06-12

I’ve changed a job last month and had to build up my dev environment from scratch again. While doing that I decided to write down some thoughts about it. I guess it might be interesting to look back at some point and see how does it evolve. Background At my previous employer, we were very into Virtual Machines. We had different base VMs which every developer can download. That’s extremely handy when a new hire has nothing to do, but to install just a couple of tools that are not standard, and enter some credentials.


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on 2016-04-05

It’s hard to imagine modern development without continuous intergation and unit-tests. At work I hardly pay attention on the process, it just works: I push code to GitHub, later on TeamCity picks up changes and starts the build, and few minutes after I receive Slack or email notification about the result. However for my personal projects things are different. I’m using free plan on AppVeyor. It works pretty well except the fact that your build might stay in the queue for a while.

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How to convince Linus Torvalds to contribute to your project

on 2015-11-03

Look at all those famous people committing to some random developer’s boring repository. Why would they do that? In fact, they don’t. In general, git is just a tool that allows you to create patches and distribute them around by email. When you create a commit, it will be signed with your name and email. Look at the author part here: You have your name listed twice for every commit. You are both the author and the committer.

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Avoid typing user name when committing to GitHub repository

on 2015-09-05

I use different accounts and different computers to work with GitHub repositories, so sometimes I face the situation when I don’t have my SSH key generated for the current environment. I can still work with my command line tool, however I have to type credentials every time I want to pull or push to the remote. Actually I’m fine with typing the password, but not the user name. So what can I do (besides generating new SSH key and adding it to my Git/GitHub account) is to update the remote to have my user name in it.

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